lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011


Hey guys! Sorry I haven't written for a while! I've been realy buissy... Anyway, last week, I went to this fantastic shop in Mercantic ( Sant Cugat) and took some pictures of the amazing headdresses she makes and her lovely shop... Hope you like it!
 Anna Blau. ( She's georgeous, I know)

 Lovely child shoes.

 Feather hairdress!

 Vintage shoes. Perfect for parties.
 Amazing handmade vintage winter dress.

 H&M dress.
 H&M dress
 Lovely old doll.

 Perfect outfit. It reminds me of Alice in wonderland (Tim Burton)

 Anna Blau!

 Fairy perfume... Love it.

 Amazing bride hairdress
 Amazing bride hairdress
 My future bride dress (:
 Anna Blau's shirt, from Thailand.



PS. You can visit Anna Blau's blog here :